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Show-Me whiteboards are a teaching resource dream. Virtually indestructible, applicable to almost any subject and best of all, they make learning fun!

The interactive nature of Show-Me whiteboards encourages classroom participation and helps students demonstrate their understanding of concepts by showing their working and thought process when solving a problem. The blank space of the original show-me board makes it a perfect resource for learning letter, shape and number formation while providing students with a sense of ownership of their thoughts and ideas.

Each Show-Me board is A4 size, made from virtually indestructible high gloss PVC and is double sided. The whiteboard surface is ultra-smooth, resulting in excellent erasability and are long lasting, with protected layers that are seal printed, ensuring that they last longer than other whiteboards.

Pen & eraser not included

For extra value try the classpacks, which include: 35 boards, medium tip pens, and erasers.