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The UPDATED Kiwi Choice range of exercise books were designed by Qizzle with the help of over 300 teachers throughout NZ.

• Suggested Year Levels: 5-8

• 7mm Quad on both pages

• Fully laminated cover can be used as a whiteboard

• A4+ (230 x 315mm) size means activities and worksheets don’t need to be trimmed before they are glued in.

• Built to last! With new and improved super strong 350gsm cover with 4 staples in the spine!

• Te reo Maori on front cover promotes everyday use of Te reo Maori.

• Back Cover - Fractions, decimals and percentages chart highlights that there are multiple ways to represent a whole.

• 80gsm quality paper - nice to write on and prevents tearing or ripping

• Margins pre-printed so students don’t have to rule up their page before they can start learning.

• Space for teachers or peers to give feedback, or students to reflect or self-evaluate their work that day.

• Fold-out flap - Goals on flap mean students are regularly reminded of what they’re working towards.

• Inside Front Cover - Handy place value houses and multiplication chart.

• Inside Back Cover - Maths Chit Chat - These prompts will provide students with some new ways to talk about maths. Easy reference means students can focus on their thinking and can flexibly share their thoughts with others.